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“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business” – Simon Sinek

“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business” - Simon Sinek

Strategic Consultation | Consumer Research | Speaking & Writing


It’s a simple premise: business decisions get better with knowledge about people at the center.

The Insight Inn offers strategic consulting and consumer research, creating actionable solutions for companies that are articulated in a common-sense manner.


The idiom is “perception is reality” — and it truly is. Uncovering perceptions out in the world, why they formed, and learning about the people behind them drives the Insight Inn, and helps companies understand people on a whole new level.

The Insight Inn has a different approach to designing and conducting research. Because emotions rule human behavior, The Insight Inn designs research to uncover what truly motivates people, energizes them, and moves them on an emotive level.

Traditional research firms often provide an ‘ask-and-answer’ approach to research that produces a rational response and uninspired learning, whereas The Insight Inn ensures these powerful drivers of behavior are the basis of research design and implementation— because whether qualitative or quantitative research, the “why” is what really matters for action, and research with the Insight Inn ensures the “why” is captured.


Companies often frame the world from a company-centric point-of-view; viewing the world from their particular product or service outward. The Insight Inn’s strategy work seeks to re-frame this view, so companies can see their own products and services the way people do.

A big part of this lies in language— eliminating company jargon and marketing-speak from strategic conversations and documents ensures that strategies remain grounded. Simplicity in craft goes a long way in strategy, and The Insight Inn knows the virtues of concision.

The result of these services with a different approach? Fascinating learnings and Inspiring business strategies that are readily USED rather than relegated to a drawer.

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