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“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business” – Simon Sinek

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Clear, actionable strategy, without the ‘word salad’.

Meaningful insight into people, without the arduous process.

The Insight Inn is all about Strategy and People. That’s it.

It’s a simple premise: business decisions get better with knowledge about people at the center.

We offer strategic consulting and consumer research, with a common-sense approach. An approach that frames the world the way people see it, rather than how businesses see it– which means we eliminate jargon in favor of using language people actually use, we simplify and reduce instead of creating complexity, and we address each issue individually, rather than offering a standard template or cookie-cutter approach.

The result? Research findings and strategies that are readily USED rather than relegated to a drawer, or a pretty frame in a cubicle. A no-nonsense input makes for a more applicable output.

The Insight Inn believes that understanding people has the power not just to change a business, but to change business as we know it.

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