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Photo by Juli-Ann Williams, 2015

Megan founded The Insight Inn, a qualitative research and strategy firm, to bring people back into the heart of business decision-making. The aim of the Insight Inn is to delve into what truly motivates people, energizes them, and moves them, so they might truly be seen and understood by the companies that attempt to reach them.

Over her decade spent in advertising and marketing, Megan was dismayed to find companies did not place much value on the thoughts, opinions, and needs of the people who purchased from them. And yet, in her experience, business and marketing strategies are only as good as the hypotheses they were built on— thus, getting smarter about people was the best way to strengthen strategic directions.

Today, she is fueled by the challenge laid-out in her company’s name: to restore meaning to the word ‘insight’— a term that has been decimated by misuse over the years. Battling against the uninspired banalities that other research firms pass off as learnings, Megan is driven by a constant curiosity that fuels her to bring authentic insights into companies that range in size from startups to Fortune Five.

In three years, the Insight Inn has been proud to serve varied clients such as AT&T, Dunkin’ Donuts, Cheddar’s, Possible, Bar Louie, Outdoor Research, Great Wolf Lodge, Remitly, and the University of Washington Medical Center.

Megan finds energy in connection, a hypothesis you ought to test by getting in touch with her about your challenge HERE.

Some of Megan’s past clients include:

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