Consumer Research

If the word “research” makes you think of a white-walled focus group room or a mall-intercept survey about boxed potatoes, read on. Research as-it-was often required a big budget and nine weeks to execute, only to parade the obvious as insight, or draw an unactionable conclusion.

The Insight Inn is about a different research approach, one that is less arduous and artificial, and is as true-to-life as possible. This means using observational research, undercover research, immersive research, and ethnographic research– methods that were formerly cost-prohibitive (but can now be done for a fraction of the cost). Also, since people are more likely to speak openly with someone they like– our style is about establishing a rapport with people, not being stiff and detached— so the conversation flows more easily and naturally.

We also believe that implicit processing is as-important to discover as explicit thinking— thanks to Daniel Kahneman, Malcom Gladwell, Daniel Pink and others, we know human levels of processing are complex and often post-rationalized. So at the Insight Inn, we deploy activities, experiments, and exercises that operate in the adjacencies of a matter in addition to asking direct questions. We know consumers are infinitely creative and their responses to these challenges are rich, because we’ve seen it time and time again. Consumers are smart, creative souls who will meet any challenge with eagerness and openness to give you a perspective you have never had before (also known as: insight).

Needless to say, it rubs us the wrong way when companies and agencies say that consumers are dull, rational beings who “don’t know what they want.”

As you can see, we have an expertise in qualitative research, as we tend to believe that is where the deepest and richest insights come from. We definitely do quantitative, but prefer to do it as validation rather than discovery— as that’s when quantitative really shines.

If you’re wondering, after all this, what it’s like to work with us, check this out: Working With The Insight Inn – click for one easy chart.