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3% Conference
3% Conference

Megan is an acclaimed speaker who has won plaudits for speaking– most recently, at the 5th Annual 3% Conference (2016), and the Planningness conference (2014). She has also spoken at colleges across the United States and abroad over the past decade. Consistently named one of the students’ favorite lecturers of the year, Megan has been invited back to many universities multiple times– including The University of Melbourne, University of Washington, Babson College, Boston College, and Ohio University.

Megan has been an invited speaker for organizations such as advertising agencies (Wexley School for Girls), and other companies who want to bring some Insight Inn.

Megan has prepared speech topics, and can also prepare thoughts on any topic that an organization sees value in.


Megan has been published multiple times by the global strategy magazine AdMap, links for which are below. You can also read more in the “Blog” section.

writingIn addition, she is always looking to partner with individuals who want to make their voices heard, and might have a great idea but need some volition to put pen to paper. Interested in collaborating? Hit her up on the contact page.

Here are a few of the links to her published works:

AdMap, June 2014 issue, “The Age of Less”

AdMap, September 2014 issue, “Point of view: the Value of Millennials”

Brand Knew, April 2015 issue, “Marketing-Speak And Consumer Research Don’t Mix”
http://issuu.com/brandknewmagazine/docs/bk-april-2015_l_ (page 39)

For more of Megan’s random thoughts, read more in the Blog.