Strategic Consultation

If the word “consultant” makes you think of an unintelligible ‘word salad,’ read on. The Insight Inn is the complete opposite of that kind of complexity morass.

We believe the stuff of companies, brands, consumers, and marketing isn’t rocket science– and it never will be.

  • When working with the Insight Inn, it’s not about overcomplicating simple problems by offering complex, lengthy, and spendy solutions.
  • We do the opposite— we break it down into simpler parts and offer simple solutions— not just because it’s the right thing to do by clients, but because that’s the truth of how consumers work and think, too.

Part of how we keep it simple? The founder of the Insight Inn is a recognized writer and speaker. Writing that stays within the consumer voice goes a long way toward a useful final product. It means you won’t be stuck with an unintelligible ‘word salad’ that others might create. Logistically, that means the gap between strategy and execution is slimmer. And thankfully, this also means consumers will more easily understand what a company is saying when it’s communicated (which is often limited to 3-5 words or 140 characters). Crisp, clean writing with less “BS” is part of what makes working with the Insight Inn better.

There’s an High MacLeod cartoon that declares, “if people talked to you the way advertisers did, you’d punch them in the face.” We’ll just assume if consumers would punch your brand in the face, they wouldn’t want to purchase from you.

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