Strategic Consultation

These words may make you think of slick suits who have traditionally operated in total opacity, with little-to-no consideration of consumers. Some of them utilize a smoke screen of intellectualism that clouds the simplest problem into a convoluted mess only they can solve.

But the stuff of companies, consumers, brands, and marketing isn’t rocket science, and it never will be. When working with the Insight Inn, it’s not about proving smarts by over complicating simple problems and offering complex solutions. We do the opposite— we break it down into simpler parts and offer simple solutions— not just because it’s the right thing to do by clients, but because that’s the truth of how consumers work and think, too.   More info …

Consumer Research

These words might conjure up imagery of a white-walled focus group room, of a clipboard survey in a mall about boxed potatoes, or of huge dollar signs and lengthy timelines. Or alternately, they might trigger bad memories of research that paraded the obvious as insight, or came to a completely staid and unactionable conclusion. Either way, this research hit the ‘shredder-shaped drawer’ because it was redundant, unworkable, or both.

The Insight Inn is about a different research approach, one that is less artificial and is as true-to-life as possible. This means observational research, undercover research, immersive research, and ethographic research are used whenever possible (for a fraction of what these studies have traditionally cost). Also, our style is about establishing a rapport, not being stiff and detached— so the conversation also flows more willingly and naturally.   More info …

If you have an issue, and you want to talk with someone about how you might solve it – and you’re thinking you like the sound of the above, please contact us.